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Espresso Machine Troubleshooting

We generally discuss commercial machines, although certain excellent practices apply to domestic ones too.


Poor cleaning causes more difficulties than machine failure, therefore a regular routine will benefit the equipment and coffee quality.

Filter Basket

Clean in hot water once every day. In order to dissolve deposits, it is standard procedure to soak filter baskets in hot water and a detergent such as Puly Caff for a whole night.

Every day, in the morning, give the grouphead a good cleaning. Put one level teaspoon of a grouphead cleaner, such as Puly Caff, Lujo Clean or Coffee Clean, into the blind filter basket of your portafilter. You should then place the portafilter into the group. The coffee delivery switch should be operated for about ten seconds before being stopped for a few seconds and then operated again. Perform this action 4 times. After taking the portafilter off the machine and rinsing it, you should replace it and turn on the coffee delivery switch for ten seconds. After that, you should pause, take the portafilter off, and rinse it before repeating the process four times. It is also beneficial to use this “Back Flushing” technique many times throughout the day without using detergent.

Perform this operation only if your machine is equipped with a 3-way solenoid valve that permits back-flushing from the portafilter through the grouphead and into the drip tray. If your machine does not have this feature, skip this step. You may skip this step if the machine you’re using does not have a valve of this kind. When it comes to coffee machines, backflushing is almost impossible unless the machine in question has a grouphead that is analogous to an E61.

Steam Nozzles

Steam nozzles must never, ever be permitted to get soiled under any circumstances. After you have finished foaming the milk, wipe the Steam Wand clean with a clean wet towel, and then purge the wand with a burst of steam to remove any milk that may have gathered in the tip of the wand. If you find that any of the steam jets are not functioning, you can temporarily clear them with a paperclip; however, when it is feasible, you should remove the tip and clean it with a detergent like Puly Milk, Lujo Clean or Coffee clean. If you find that any of the steam jets are not functioning, you can temporarily clear them with a paperclip or small pin.

Water Softener

You will need to purchase a specialised water filter in order to remove the minerals from the water if the water in your locality is hard. Because the buildup of scale in coffee machines is a costly problem, it is essential to change the filters on a consistent basis in a manner that is proportional to the volume of water that is being used.