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Elektra Belle Epoque 3 Group


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Belle Epoque showcases Italian craftsmanship, forging noble metals such as copper and brass with advanced methods. This machine’s unique design beautifully blends style with functionality and reliability. Add a retro charm to any venue with this stunning machine.


  • Sturdy steel support frame with reinforcements around the group head
  • Sturdy push-button panel, with automatic 5 doses mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons
  • Distinctive window to boiler water level control
  • Incorporated motor and positive displacement pump
  • Steam/water tap with pivoting knob control (interchangeable with the pivoting lever control) and jointed stainless steel.
  • Double access cup-holder compartment, an Elektra innovation and patented to allow comfortable insertion and removal of cups.
  • Dual pressure gauge for pump and boiler pressure
  • Reduced energy consumption: programmable night cycle
  • Exclusive electronic control of the boiler water temperature, precise adjustment of the brewing temperature
  • Elektra Exclusive patent of the boiler that determines a large water and steam production


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