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Pressure Switch CEME Genuine De-Longhi 9A 250V 0.2- 6 Bar 1/8″ Ma Pressurestat


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  • Switch CEME 0.2-6 Bar 1/8″
  • Weight: 0.07 kilogram
  • Thread Size: 1/8″ 
  • Ma-Ter CEME
  • Includes one (1) pressure switch
  • Connector ø 1/8″M, 9A 250V 
  • Suits   DE LONGHI  Iron   PREXIONE DOMO, PREXIONE PROFESSIONAL, PRO 150 EX-2, PRO 150 EX-3, PRO 150 STIROMEGLIO MASTER, PRO 155R, PRO 155R EX-1, PRO 160R EX-2, PRO 160R EX-3, PRO 160R STIROMEGLIO MASTER, PRO 170, PRO 170 EX-2, PRO 170 EX-2 P22, PRO 175, PRO 175 EX-2, PRO 175 EX-2 P22, PRO 180, PRO 180 EX-2, PRO 180 EX-2 P22, PRO 180 STIROMEGLIO, PRO 220 BLU, PRO 220 EX-1 BLU 70GR-M, PRO 230 CHAMPAGNE, PRO 230 EX-1 CHAMPAGNE, PRO 240 STRIOMEGLIO, PRO 250 CHROME 90GR-MIN, PRO 250 EX-1 CHROME 90GR-M, PRO 250 EX-1 STIROMEGLIO MASTER, PRO 250 EX-2 CHROME 70GR-M, PRO 250 EX-2 CHROME 90GR-M, PRO 250 EX-3 CHROME 70GR-M, PRO 250 EX-3 CHROME 90GR-M, PRO 250P PROFESSIONALE, PRO 260P, PRO 260P EX-2, PRO 260P EX-2 CHROME 70GR-M, PRO 260P EX-2 CHROME 90GR-M, PRO 260P EX-3 CHROME 70GR-M, PRO 260P EX-3 CHROME 90GR-M, PRO 260P PROFESSIONAL, PRO 261P EX-2, PRO 261P EX-3 SELECTA, PRO 261P PROFESSIONAL, PRO 400 EX-1 BLUE 140GR-M, PRO 410 EX-1 CHAMPAGNE, PRO 410 EX-2, PRO 500 EX-1 CHROME 160GR-M, PRO 500 EX-2, PRO 500D BLU, PRO 680, PRO 680 EX-2, PRO 700, 0128216800 (PRO260P), 0128216802 (PRO260P), 0128216803 (PRO260P), 0128216805 (PRO260P), 0128216806 (PRO260P), 0128216808 (PRO260P), PRO680WHITE, PRO700 BLU, SSV 3 DLS, SX 6025D DA SER.NR. 04308, SX 6025D FINO A SER.NR. 04307, SX 6025P DA SER.NR. 04308, SX 6025P EX-1, SX 6025P FINO A SER.NR. 04307, SX 6030D, SX 6030P, SX 6035 DUAL, SX 6035PX BIANCA BLU, SX 6035PX DA SER.NR. 04308, SX 6035PX EX-1, SX 6035PX EX-2, SX 6035PX FINO A SER. NR. 04307, SX 6050D, SX 6050D EX-2, SX 6050PX, SX 6535 PX SUPER CABRIO, SX 6535 PX SUPER CABRIO EX-1, SX 6700PX, SX 7025 P, SX 7025P EX-1, SX 941D DA SER.NR. 04308, SX 941D EX-2, SX 971 EX-1, VVX 150, VVX 160R, VVX 170, VVX 170 EX-2, VVX 170 WHITE, VVX 175, VVX 175 EX-2, VVX 180, VVX 180 EX-2, VVX 185, VVX 185 EX-2, VVX 500D BLU, VVX 680, VVX 680 EX-1

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm
Number in Pack


Custom Bundle




Compatible Model


Item Width


Bundle Description


Item Height


Suitable For

Cappuccino Machine, Espresso Machine, Espresso Maker

Power Source




Item Weight


Compatible Brand

For Espresso Coffee Machine





Item Depth



6 bar


Pressure Switch


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