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Victoria Arduino Eagle One 3 Group


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Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where design, performance, and sustainability are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience. The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulation mechanism, that reduces not only the heat dispersion but also energy consumption.


  • Standard colours: black, white
  • Custom colours available, please enquire
  • T.E.R.S
  • NEO Technology
  • Volumetric Dosing
  • Manual Dosing
  • LCD & Group Head Display
  • Cool Touch Wands
  • Push Lever Steam
  • Soft Infusion System
  • Auto-Purge
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Digital Pump Gauge

The Tech:

  • Dimensions inches: 17.5 (H) X 39 (L) X 23 (W)
  • Boiler: NEO
  • Volts: 220v
  • Watts: 6300w


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