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Bottomless portafilter. What is the point of it?

The Point of Bottomless Portafilter

There are different types of portafilters and today we will discuss the point of a portafilter without a bottom. A bottomless portafilter, also known as a naked portafilter, is a tool used in espresso machines that has become increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts. It’s just a portafilter without the bottom, leaving only the basket to retain the coffee grinds.

The main purpose of this tool is to allow the user to enjoy the extraction process in real-time. With a traditional portafilter, the bottom of the portafilter hides the espresso shot. It makes it hard to see if there are any problems with the way the coffee is being extracted. However, with a bottomless portafilter, the espresso shot is visible. It allows the user to see if the espresso extracts evenly, the grind size is appropriate, and if there are any channeling or other issues with the extraction.

Benefits of Naked Portafilter

A barista may make real-time changes to the grind size, tamp pressure, and other aspects. Bottomless portafilter allows to observe the extraction process. It makes it easier to create a consistent and high-quality espresso shot. Additionally, this tool can help baristas identify issues with their equipment or technique, such as uneven tamping or uneven distribution of coffee grounds in the basket. Furthermore, a naked portafilter can produce a cleaner and more flavorful shot. Usually if  you use a standard portafilter, an espresso shot may become watered. This is  because of  microscopic coffee particles stuck in the bottom of the portafilter. However, with discussed type of portafilter, these particles are not present, resulting in a cleaner and more distinct espresso shot.

In conclusion, a naked portafilter allows the user to see the extraction process in real-time. Additionally, using a bottomless portafilter can help produce a cleaner and more flavorful shot of coffee.