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Astoria Calypso 3 Group


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The Calypso comes equipped with 6 programmable volumetric controls per head, as well as a manual pour button. These options ensure that you can always get your desired result when producing coffee. This machine also comes equipped with dual steam wands, a hot water tap and a high cup design that makes it perfect for making large 16 oz coffees. This Astoria Calypso is perfect for anyone who is after a reliable and hard working machine.


  • Standard colour: metallic black
  • Custom colours available, please enquire
  • 6 Dose touch-pad
  • Programmable touch-pad which allows you to program independent coffee dosages for each group
  • Manual switch for semi-automatic brewing
  • Automatic hot water outlet
  • Automatic water refill (AWR)
  • Programmable hot water delivery with electronic dosing
  • Copper boiler with thermo symphonic heat exchange system
  • Dual scale manometer for boiler and pump pressure control; Commercial Rotary pump
  • High cup machine with LED lights which illuminate the cupping area


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