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Orchestrale Radiofonia 2 Group


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Radiofonica is inspired by the radio orchestra (orchestra radiofonica) born almost a century ago, that allowed to many people to be able to listen to real orchestras that previously could not attend. With the same spirit Radiofonica is born as a traditional machine that wants to give an easier and simpler opportunity to many more people all around the World to enjoy a good and traditional coffee extraction.


  • Standard colours (matt): white, black, light blue retro, or rust brown
  • Automatic
  • Two raised E61 brewing groups
  • Joystick taps
  • Programmable portion control
  • Single group washing
  • Dual gauges for (11 litres) boiler and pump pressure control
  • Automatic boiler water loading
  • Motor pump with air cooling
  • Boiler of copper with tap for manual discharge
  • Pipes of copper and pipe fittings of brass
  • Frame of satined stainless steel


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