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Elektra KUP 3 Group


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The KUP offers many features for ease of use such as automatic milk frothing settings and an energy saving night mode. The easy tap steam taps and hot water tap makes it easy to flick on and flick off and the high cup group heads allow you to use the extra large takeaway cups easily. The KUP looks good in any venue while producing excellent espresso.


  • Standard colours: black, white
  • Custom colours available, please enquire
  • Electronic control of the boiler water temperature
  • Electronic water supply and brewing pressure measurement
  • Groups height suitable for 12 and 16 ounces cups
  • Sturdy push-button panel, with mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons
  • With BLS the machine sides are enlightened by multi-coloured led lights
  • Programmable night cycle: reduces energy consumption
  • MFS Patented Milk Frothing System
  • Automatic hot milk setting
  • Automatic milk frothing setting
  • Automatic cleaning system management


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