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Coffee Brewing Equipment

Take on a brewing adventure with Panica’s comprehensive range of coffee brewing equipment. Read More Our collection thoughtfully caters to both novices and seasoned coffee enthusiasts, offering the essential tools to perfect brewing skills and enhance daily rituals. Coffee making has never been this fun!

Comprehensive Coffee Brewing Equipment for All Coffee Lovers

If you’re searching for a one-stop destination for all your brewing tool needs, look no further than Panica. Our curated selection empowers you to craft the perfect cup every time — turning the mundane coffee session into an exciting ritual.

Grind Sifters

Achieve the ideal grind size for your preferred brewing method with our grind sifters. These essential devices remove any boulders or fines, ensuring a uniform grind for a balanced extraction. With the right sifter, mastering the grind becomes an achievable feat, setting the foundation for a superior brew.


A good tamper is indispensable for making a great espresso. Our range includes tampers of various sizes to fit different portafilters, ensuring a level tamp for optimum extraction. The ergonomic design of our tampers ensures a comfortable grip — making the tamping process a breeze.

Filters and Drippers

Explore our variety of filters and drippers designed for different brewing methods. Whether you prefer the clean taste of a pour-over or the full-bodied flavour of a French Press, we have the right filter for you.

Diverse Coffee Kettles

We also carry an array of coffee kettles designed for various brewing methods. Each is crafted to ensure optimal brewing temperatures, allowing for a rich and aromatic coffee experience. Whether you prefer the classic pour over or the reliable Moka pot, we’ve got you covered.

Coffee Maker Funnels

Our coffee maker funnels are engineered for a seamless brewing process, directing the flow of coffee efficiently and ensuring a clean, fuss-free brewing experience from start to finish. Their durable construction promises long-term service, making them a reliable addition to your coffee brewing tools.

Milk Steamers

Achieve the perfect froth with our range of milk steamers. Designed for ease of use and consistent performance, these clever inventions help create velvety froth to elevate your coffee to barista-quality delight.

Complete Your Barista Ensemble Today

Needless to say, the right tools are instrumental in crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Explore our collection of coffee brewing equipment and find the ones that resonate with all your brewing aspirations. Enhance your coffee-making journey with Panica, your trusted partner in achieving coffee perfection.

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