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Indulge in a refined coffee brewing journey with our meticulously curated range of filters. At Panica, we understand the essence of a precise filtration process in achieving that Read Moreimpeccable coffee flavour. Whether you’re a fan of the classic drip coffee or a connoisseur of espresso, our filters are the cornerstone to brewing perfection.

Panica also sells an assortment of water filters because we know the perfect cup of coffee is a function of good water quality.

Our Range of Coffee and Water Filters

Delve into our comprehensive range of filters tailored for different coffee brewing methods and machines. Every product we offer promises a seamless brewing process while enhancing the flavour and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee Drip Paper Filters

Experience the essence of clean and rich flavoured drip coffee with our Coffee Drip Paper Filters. Available in packs of 100, these filters are ideal for 1-2 cups or 1-4 cups, promising a consistent brew every time.

Coffee Machine Filters

Our Coffee Machine Filters are crafted for perfection, ensuring no unwanted residues make their way into your brew. The Inline INLET PASS-THROUGH FILTER, for instance, is compatible with Saeco, ECM, and PROFITEC machines, ensuring a smooth flow of water through your coffee machine.

Anti Scale Water Filters

Protect your coffee machine from limescale build-up with our anti scale water filters. Our range includes filters compatible with DeLonghi and Philips Saeco models, effectively preventing scale and ensuring the longevity of your machine.

Water Softeners and Purifiers

Enhance the quality of water used in your coffee brewing with our water softeners and purifiers. Our Genuine Delonghi Coffee Machine Water Filter DLSC002, for one acts as both a softener and purifier, promising a refined taste with every brew.

Water Filter Cartridges

Ensure a consistent taste and aroma with our water filter cartridges. Our cartridges, like the one for Gaggia Lavazza Philips Saeco Brita Intenza+ are meticulously designed to remove impurities, ensuring a delightful coffee experience.

Stainless Steel Pour Over Cone

For the pour-over coffee enthusiasts, our Stainless Steel Pour Over Cone is a treasure. Its design ensures an even distribution of water over coffee grounds, promising a balanced and flavorful brew.

Ready to Brew the Perfect Cup?

Elevate your coffee brewing journey with our extensive range of filters. Browse our catalogue to find one that aligns with your brewing method and coffee machine. Whether you’re in need of paper filters, machine filters, or water purifiers, we have them all. Order now or contact us for more information.

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