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Immerse yourself into a rich coffee tradition with Brugnetti, a brand embodying Italian artistry since 1947. Read MoreThe company began its journey under the name “Aurora,” and through the decades, has evolved alongside major names in the coffee machine industry.

The brand’s commitment to progress in technology, paired with a firm grasp on its storied tradition, has seen it through 70 years and three generations of the Brugnetti family.

Brugnetti Giulia 2/3 Group — A Synthesis of Tradition and Modernity

The Brugnetti Giulia 2/3 Group strongly reflects the brand’s dedication to fusing timeless Italian design with modern functionality. Here’s a glimpse into what makes the Giulia 2/3 Group a remarkable choice for coffee aficionados:

Elegant Design

The Giulia is a sight to behold with its easily recognisable ‘Viola’ body and beautiful stainless finish, seamlessly fitting into any interior​ — whether classical or contemporary.

Superior Brewing

Thanks to the reliable E61 group heads, expect superior brewing for your espresso every time. The machine features programmable buttons for each group head, guaranteeing ease of use and consistency in every brew.

Customisability and Control

Indulge in a machine that adapts to your taste. The Giulia 2/3 Group offers a level of personalisation that’s both rare and invaluable, allowing for adjustments in technical features and colours. This level of control extends to the brewing process, ensuring each cup reflects your coffee artistry and the unique character of your cafe.

Capacity and Efficiency

With a boiler capacity ranging from 10 to 17 litres, depending on the model, and high cup group heads allowing for extra large 16 oz takeaway cups, the Giulia is built to keep up with busy coffee rushes. The dual steam wands are a testament to its efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead of the demand.

Choose Brugnetti for Your Cafe or Office

When you opt for a Brugnetti, you’re embracing a legacy of quality, innovation, and Italian craftsmanship that comes with over 70 years of expertise. Browse through our selection and find the perfect Brugnetti machine that resonates with your love for coffee and elevates your brewing experience to new heights. Contact us for more information.

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