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Enter the domain of unparalleled coffee excellence with Slayer. Designed for those with a discerning taste for coffee, Slayer machines promise a journey of endless discovery, fine-tuning, and the perfect brew. Read MoreDive into a world where the boundaries of traditional espresso are challenged, and innovation leads the way.

Slayer’s Unyielding Commitment to Quality

At the heart of Slayer’s mission is a dedication to quality and innovation. The Slayer Espresso v3 is the manufacturer’s flagship product, embodying the peak of espresso machine engineering.

With its patented needle-valve technology, the machine offers baristas precise control over the flow rate of water, enabling them to grind coffee finer and develop incredible flavour profiles. The result is a coffee brewing process that is a class apart, allowing for an espresso taste that is rich, full-bodied, and unparalleled in flavour and mouthfeel.

Innovative Features of Slayer Espresso Machines

Slayer espresso machines are a treasure trove of innovative features. The Espresso v3, for instance, comes equipped with an independent brew boiler per group for impeccable temperature stability, and a dedicated boiler for unlimited steam capacity.

This design ensures you always have hot, stable water and steam on-demand, a vital necessity for fast-paced coffee environments. Moreover, the machine boasts a commercial grouphead equipped with a resettable and lifetime shot counter, rated at 1 million cycles.

Express Your Coffee Artistry

With its handcrafted and customisable design, Slayer provides a platform for baristas to showcase their coffee brewing skills. The low-profile orientation, shot mirrors, and ergonomic features are thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless, enjoyable brewing experience.

The choice is yours on wood type, panel colour, metal finishes, and cup rails, providing a canvas for baristas to express their coffee artistry while engaging with guests.

Elevate Your Coffee Journey with Slayer

Experience a world of coffee like never before. Explore the Slayer range and take your coffee journey where quality, innovation, and tradition brew together. Discover the ideal machine for your business or office today at Panica. Browse our catalogue or get in touch with us for more information.

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