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Dive into a serene brewing adventure with our select range of tea accessories at Panica. This collection is meticulously curated to cater to both coffee and tea aficionados. Read MoreOur offerings are tailored to enhance your brewing routine, ensuring a delightful experience with every sip.

Espresso Machine Isomac Tea Due 1 Group

Discover the blend of coffee and tea brewing with the Espresso Machine Isomac Tea Due 1 Group. This exquisite machine is not just an espresso coffee machine but a gateway to brewing delightful teas as well. This machine is a worthy investment for enthusiasts who appreciate both beverages.

Glass Hand Drip Coffee Maker Pot

Indulge in the simple pleasure of hand drip brewing with our Glass Hand Drip Coffee Maker Pot. This accessory is designed for both coffee and tea, allowing you to pour over hot water at a controlled pace — ensuring a balanced extraction and a flavorful brew.

Its 600ML capacity is ideal for serving multiple cups, making it a handy accessory for hosting small gatherings or enjoying a quiet afternoon.

Elevate Your Tea Brewing Routine With Panica

Our tea accessories are a significant part of our larger offering, reflecting our commitment to providing a comprehensive brewing solution. Whether you’re into the robustness of coffee or the tranquillity of tea, we have something to enrich your brewing experience.

Explore our catalogue, order your preferred accessory now or contact us for more information. Your serene brewing adventure is just a click away.

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