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Delve into the world of premium coffee brewing with Isomac, a brand that epitomises the rich tradition of Italian espresso machines. Read MoreSince its inception in 1977 by Giovanni Fontana, a visionary with a knack for crafting exquisite machines, Isomac has carved a niche in the market’s premium segment with its high-quality espresso machines.

With over 40 years of industry experience, this manufacturer continues to cater to the discerning tastes of espresso aficionados, blending timeless European designs with modern engineering.

Isomac Espresso Machine Pro Dual Boiler PID

Elevate your coffee experience with the Pro Dual Boiler PID, a machine that demonstrates Isomac’s dedication to quality and precision. This model is equipped with 2 premium boilers, providing a substantial capacity of 1.8L for steam and 0.6L for brew, alongside a sizable 2.9L water tank.

With the Pro Dual Boiler PID, every brew is a journey towards perfection, thanks to its Rotary Pump and PID control, which offer unparalleled accuracy and consistency in espresso extraction​​.

Isomac Espresso Machine Tea Due 1 Group

The Tea Due 1 Group epitomises Isomac’s knack for creating user-centric, efficient espresso machines. It features an E61 Group Head for precise temperature control and a 1.2L insulated copper boiler, enabling simultaneous coffee extraction and milk steaming.

The machine’s improved two-hole steam wand ensures smoother milk texturing, while its no-burn steam and hot water wands enhance user safety. With a sleek stainless steel body, the Tea Due 1 Group is not only a functional asset but also a stylish addition to any coffee-loving setting.

Engage in a Legacy of Excellence

Choosing Isomac for your machine is more than just brewing a cup of coffee; it’s about appreciating a history of excellence that has stood the test of time. At Panica, we are thrilled to present a slice of this rich legacy through our curated selection of Isomac coffee machines.

Your journey towards brewing that perfect cup of coffee is just a selection away. Discover the Isomac range and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

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