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Indulge in the simplicity and efficiency of keeping your coffee station clean with our range of knock boxes. These indispensable accessories are a must-have for every coffee enthusiast, Read Morebe it in a bustling café or a cosy home kitchen. Simple as they may seem, they turn a messy coffee station into an immaculate one.

How Knock Boxes Came About

While the exact historical advent of knock boxes isn’t well-documented, their emergence can be traced back to the rise of espresso culture in Italy and other parts of Europe. As coffee houses and espresso bars became popular, the need for efficient and hygienic disposal of spent coffee grounds became apparent.

The knock box, with its practical design, found its place in the heart of bustling coffee establishments, embodying the blend of form and function that’s quintessential to the evolving coffee culture. The name derives from the action of knocking the portafilter against the bar of the box to dispose of the used coffee grounds.

Traditionally made of stainless steel or plastic, these robust containers are easy to clean and maintain, making them a favourite among baristas and coffee aficionados alike.

The Essence of Knock Boxes

A knock box is a small yet significant tool in the coffee brewing process. It is designed to hold spent coffee grounds, often referred to as a puck, after pulling a shot of espresso. Every coffee brewing enthusiast is acquainted with how bothersome coffee ground disposal can be, especially during busy hours.

The knock box, with its simplistic yet ingenious design, alleviates this hassle, providing a swift, mess-free solution to keep the brewing station neat and efficient. By merely knocking the portafilter against the bar, the spent grounds fall into the box, ready to be discarded at convenience. This simple action keeps your workspace tidy and prevents old grounds from clogging the machine.

Investing in a knock box is a step towards a seamless coffee brewing experience. Our collection caters to a diverse range of preferences, offering various sizes and designs to suit different needs. Whether you are a professional barista or a home-based coffee enthusiast, a knock box is an indispensable asset for maintaining a clean and efficient brewing station.

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Uncover the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics in Panica’s knock box selection. Every item in the expansive range is crafted to meet the demands of both professional and home brewing stations. Elevate your coffee-making routine by ordering a knock box today or contact us for more personalised information. An immaculate brewing station awaits!

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