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Uncover a world where taste meets innovation with Breville Coffee Machines. At Panica, we combine expertise in coffee brewing technology and a passion for flavour, providing an unmatched brewing experience. Read More Our range of Breville Coffee Machines brings barista-quality coffee into your home effortlessly. Discover coffee reimagined.

Reasons to Choose Breville Coffee Machines

For years, you’re investing in a high-quality, durable coffee machine to elevate your at-home coffee brewing experience. Choosing a Breville Coffee Machine comes with a wealth of advantages for any coffee lover:

  • Innovative Technology: With their advanced technology, Breville Coffee Machines provide an exceptional, barista-style coffee brewing experience at home.
  • Quality and Versatility: Breville guarantees perfectly brewed coffee across a wide range of styles, satisfying all coffee preferences.
  • User-friendly Design: Breville’s intuitive interfaces and elegant aesthetics make coffee brewing a delightful and simple.
  • Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, Breville machines are built to last, ensuring years of perfect coffee.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Breville’s thoughtful design includes easy cleaning and maintenance features, contributing to the machine’s longevity.

Common Repairs and Servicing for Breville Coffee Machines that Panica Offers

Breville Coffee Machines are designed with top-notch technology and materials, but like any high-use appliance, they might need servicing or repairs over time. We take pride in providing professional, efficient repair services to ensure your Breville Coffee Machine continues to serve you the best coffee. Here are some common repairs:

  • Cleaning and Descaling: Minerals in water can build up inside the machine over time, affecting its performance. Regular descaling and cleaning can restore your coffee machine to optimal functioning.
  • Replacing Seals and Gaskets: Wear and tear can cause seals and gaskets to fail, leading to leaks. We replace these with authentic Breville parts.
  • Grinder Issues: Not grinding coffee beans can result from blockages or worn-out grinder blades. Our team can service and repair the grinder to ensure consistency in your coffee grounds.
  • Water Heating Problems: If your coffee is not at the right temperature, there might be an issue with the machine’s heating elements. We can diagnose and repair these issues.
  • Pump Repairs: A malfunctioning pump can lead to weak or no coffee flow. Our skilled technicians can restore the pump to its proper function.
  • Electrical Issues: Any electrical faults or issues with the machine’s digital interface are carefully inspected and repaired to ensure your machine is safe and functional.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear whether you have a query about your Breville Coffee Machine, need a repair, or simply want to chat about all things coffee.

We are at Rear 1/331 North Road, Caulfield South, Vic 3162, Australia. Our location is accessible via the laneway off Bambra Rd, nestled behind the Mattress and Pillow Science Shop, at the intersection of North Road and Bambra Rd.

Feel free to call us at 1300 529 505 or email
Our doors are open from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
We look forward to assisting you with your Breville Coffee Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Breville Coffee Machines for my home?

Breville Coffee Machines offer a seamless blend of advanced technology, user-friendly design, and exceptional brewing capabilities. These machines are perfect for creating a wide range of coffee styles at home.

What makes the coffee brewed by Breville Coffee Machines so special?

Breville Coffee Machines ensure precise control over the brewing process, guaranteeing a perfect cup every time. Breville caters to all coffee preferences, whether it’s espresso, latte, or drip coffee.

How reliable are Breville Coffee Machines?

Crafted with high-quality materials, Breville machines are built to last. They also feature easy cleaning and maintenance procedures, contributing to the machine’s longevity and performance.

Can I get support for my Breville Coffee Machine at Panica?

Absolutely. Panica offers comprehensive support and expert repair services for Breville Coffee Machines. Our team of trained professionals is ready to assist with any issue.

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