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Upgrade your coffee experience,

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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans - the perfect way to start your day or enjoy a break.
Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans - the perfect way to start your day or enjoy a break

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Your One-stop Shop for Commercial Coffee Machines

Welcome to Panica — where Melbourne’s coffee culture gets its buzz. Whether you’re looking to buy a machine for your bustling café, lease a top-of-the-line model for your office, or get expert repair on your unit, we have them all.

Plus, we stock all the essential supplies you’ll ever need. Start brewing your dream cup with us today.

browse our commercial coffee machines

Browse Our Commercial Coffee Machines for Sale

Step up your coffee game with our premium range of commercial coffee machines. Ideal for vibrant cafés and high-end restaurants, our machines offer unparalleled performance and reliability. 

Wield the brewing power of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and exquisite designs from top brands like La Marzocco, Franke, and Sanremo. Make a powerful business upgrade with a machine as exceptional as the coffee it brews.

our coffee machine leasing options

Explore Our Coffee Machine Leasing Options

Unlock operational and financial flexibility with our coffee machine leasing options. Perfect for businesses and offices that value adaptability, leasing allows you to enjoy the latest models without the upfront cost. 

Enjoy the benefits of manageable monthly payments, easy upgrades, and the freedom to switch as your needs evolve. With Panica, you’re not just leasing a machine — you’re gaining in a partnership that prioritises your company’s unique coffee needs.

our experts for coffee machine servicing

Book Our Experts for Coffee Machine Servicing

Never let a coffee hiccup disrupt your operations. At Panica, our experts are skilled in troubleshooting, back flushing and other repair services to ensure your commercial coffee machine performs at its peak. 

Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major overhaul, we’ve got the technical prowess to get you back to brewing in no time. Trust us to keep your machine — and your business — running smoothly.

Discover Coffee Machine Supplies and Accessories

Complete your espresso ensemble with our extensive range of supplies and accessories. From milk jugs and tamper stations to high-quality coffee beans, we’ve got everything you need for that perfect cup. 

Our catalogue also includes specialised cleaning products and water filters to ensure your machine stays in top condition. Choose Panica to elevate your coffee experience with top-tier supplies and accessories.

We Carry the Best Brands of Commercial Coffee Machines

Synonymous with premium coffee culture, the La Marzocco Coffee Machine combines traditional Italian design and cutting-edge technology. Renowned for its exceptional temperature stability, it’s a benchmark in commercial coffee machines.

An embodiment of finesse and functionality, the Franke Coffee Machine is perfect for businesses demanding precision and consistency. Its user-friendly interface and exquisite design make it a top-notch choice among commercial coffee machines.

State-of-the-art technology meets Italian craftsmanship in the Sanremo Coffee Machine. Built with precision and a passion for coffee, it is a commercial-grade powerhouse designed to meet the needs of the most demanding coffee professionals.

Delivering a harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship and advanced technology, the Jura Coffee Machine ensures exceptional brew quality. With superior temperature control and user-friendly features, it is ideal for businesses looking to elevate their coffee experience.

With a reputation for robust performance and reliability, the Expobar Coffee Machine brings a touch of European charm to any establishment. Its innovative features ensure an unbeatable coffee flavour profile, making it a favourite among baristas and business owners.

Infuse your business with the soul of Italian espresso tradition with the Rocket Coffee Machine. Known for its sleek aesthetics and stellar performance, this machine delivers consistently high-quality brews while being a visual treat.

The Wega Coffee Machine, acclaimed for its durability and exceptional espresso extraction, is essential for businesses seeking consistent, high-quality coffee. Its robust design and intuitive features make it a dependable asset for any bustling coffee environment.

Panica Store Repair Central

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Coffee Machine Back Flushing

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Selecting Quality Coffee Beans


The Panica Advantage — More than Just Machines

Quality and Diversity

Panica provides an unparalleled assortment of top-tier commercial coffee machines. No matter your business type or size, our expansive range caters to all needs and preferences.

Expert Support

Our experienced Melbourne-based team offers personalised guidance for selecting the perfect commercial coffee machines. We provide not just guidance but enduring after-sales support. Moreover, our servicing capabilities are second to none.

Value for Money

At Panica, we offer competitive prices on high-quality commercial coffee machines, ensuring your investment enriches your business and proves cost-effective.

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Connect with Your Coffee Experts

Are you curious about our commercial coffee machines, need repair assistance, or just fancy chatting about coffee artistry? We’re here to assist.

Visit our convenient location at Rear 1/331 North Road, Caulfield South, Vic 3162, Australia. You can access our premises via the laneway off Bambra Rd, nestled cosily behind the Mattress and Pillow Science Shop, at the junction of North Road and Bambra Rd.y, right behind the Mattress and Pillow Science Shop.

Feel free to give us a ring at 1300 529 505 or drop an email at We’re open from Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and we’re always eager to assist you with your commercial coffee machines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What variety of commercial coffee machines does Panica offer?

Panica offers extensive commercial coffee machines from top brands like La Marzocco, Franke, Sanremo, Jura, Expobar, Rocket and Wega. We cater to diverse needs for a bustling café or a professional office setup.

Where can I find commercial coffee machines for sale in Melbourne?

You can explore a wide range of commercial coffee machines for sale at our Panica store located at Rear 1/331 North Road, Caulfield South, Vic 3162, Australia. We're open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

What after-sales services does Panica provide for commercial coffee machines?

At Panica, we offer comprehensive after-sales services for our commercial coffee machines. This includes maintenance advice, repair services, and expert guidance to ensure your coffee machine continues to deliver the perfect brew.

Why should I choose Panica for buying commercial coffee machines?

Panica offers an unparalleled assortment of high-quality commercial coffee machines, expert support, and competitive prices. We aim to provide a personalised and cost-effective solution for every coffee-related need.

How can I contact Panica for queries related to commercial coffee machines?

Feel free to call us at 1300 529 505 or email us at for any queries regarding our commercial coffee machines. Our expert team is always ready to assist you.